Gabrielle & Scott's Safari in Botswana
June 2006

Photos The Big Five The Little Five The Ugly Five
Buffalo Buffalo Weaver Hyena
Elephant Elephant Shrew Marabou Stork
Lion Ant Lion Vulture
Leopard Leopard Tortoise Warthog
Rhino Rhino Beetle Wildebeest

Itinerary   Full credit to Island Safari for putting together a memorable trip that couldn't have unfolded any better - absolute magic!

All photos adhere to the following naming convention:
Example: 20060623-p-lion-g111c.jpg
YYYYMMDD: Date photo was taken

(location): Location ID where photo was taken
  f = Frankfurt (Germany)
  g = Gaborone (Botswana)
  p = Pom Pom Camp (Botswana)
  k = Kwara Camp (Botswana)
  l = Lebala Camp (Botswana)
  m = Montreal (Canada)
  lv = Livingstone (Zambia)
  vf = Victoria Falls (Zambia)

(subject): Subject description

[a-z|stitch]: If applicable, denotes source photos to be stitched (a, b, etc.), and the stitched photo (stitch)

(s|g): Photographer
	s = Scott
	g = Gabrielle

###: Numerical photo ID; counter increments with more recent pictures for the given day (photo 001 was taken before photo 002)

(a-z): Photo revision ID
	a = Original un-edited photo
	b...n = Edited photos

jpg|tif: File format (JPEG or TIFF)

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